WordPress hosting designed and built for the public sector.

Expert, comprehensive support

GovPress is a fully managed service. We deal with updates, security problems and servers. We monitor all sites and proactively address problems. And we have WordPress experts on hand.

No matter what you need, we’ll be able to help.

Hardened, secure environment

Unfortunately, public sector websites are a target for attack. Whether it’s attacks from abroad or spammers who want the credibility of a .gov.uk domain, you need a service that can cope.

GovPress is certified to ISO27001, and repels attacks every day.

On-demand scaling and replication

GovPress lives in the cloud, so it can grow with you. As usage of your site changes, you can scale up and down to suit. If you’re expecting a busy week, you can scale up and down as needed.

And because it’s a cloud service, you only pay for what you actually use.

Easy to procure and easy to change

GovPress is a G-Cloud service, so it’s a cinch to procure. There’s no lock-in and no expensive change control. Our processes are designed to get things done and keep things secure, not get in the way.

GovPress is easy to find, easy to buy, and easy to use.

Do WordPress the right way

If you’re migrating an existing site to GovPress, we’ll help you to start fresh. Our on-boarding process includes audit, code review and penetration testing, to help you make a fresh start.

No matter what’s gone before, with GovPress, you get peace of mind.

Managed by people who get it

GovPress is designed especially for the public sector, so we’re familiar with the accessibility, reporting, procurement, IT and information security challenges that our clients often face.

We can help your stakeholders get the reassurance they need.

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Security reviews

Open source

  • Whippet

    Whippet is a framework for building WordPress sites that eases deployment, plugin management and build steps.

  • WP bcrypt

    wp bcrypt switches WordPress's password hashes from MD5 to bcrypt, making it harder for them to be brute-forced if they are leaked.

  • dxw Security

    The dxw Security plugin helps you to judge whether or not the plugins installed on your site are safe to use.

What our clients say

We’ve enjoyed working with the folks at DXW. As well as delivering a great solution for our customers, they’ve really helped us work differently, in a more end-user-focused way.

Jayne Hilditch
Thames Valley Housing Association

Since the start, dxw were the only company that could meet our needs in terms of build, costs and timescales. dxw have continued this high level of service through their hosting, with any issues being resolved quickly and efficiently.

Government policy team

The transition to the live site has gone incredibly smoothly, and we know that that is down to all of your hard work.

Policy team
Central government