Features & Pricing

Our two-tier structure provides extra security for sites holding personal or confidential information, without inflating costs for all customers.


Our standard service is robust and secure, and is used by for the majority of our clients.


This option is for sites holding protectively marked or personal data, or that require very high availability.

24/7 support

Comprehensive support in business hours, with out-of-hours coverage for emergencies
Yes Yes

ISO-27001 certified

We run an ISO-27001:2015 certified Information Security Management System, with independent annual audits
Yes Yes

Flexible capacity

GovPress makes scaling easy: if you've got a big week coming up, let us know, and we'll make sure your site doesn't crumble under the load
Yes Yes

Plugin and core updates

Our fully managed service means we deal with all plugin and core updates, operating system maintenance and network configuration
Yes Yes

Plugin security reviews

Our service includes free plugin code reviews, to ensure that only secure plugins are used on your site
Yes Yes

Comprehensive backups

Our systems back up daily, and store every file you ever upload.
Yes Yes

Ticket helpdesk

Manage support queries using our helpdesk - online, or by email - and share open tickets with your whole team, so everyone stays in the loop
Yes Yes

On-demand WordPress advice

No matter what your WordPress question is, we have experts on hand who can help
Yes Yes

Ready for the National Archives

All GovPress sites are preconfigured for easy archival by the National Archives Web Archiver
Yes Yes


Our platform runs nothing but WordPress. GovPress is tailored and security hardened just for WordPress sites, making large classes of attack and failure impossible
Yes Yes

Pragmatic password security

We use rate-limiting, length requirements, audit and monitoring to secure password-based logins from brute force attacks
Yes Yes

Pay-as-you-go billing

GovPress calculates fees by the hour, so you'll only pay for the resources you use
Yes Yes

Performance monitoring

Our systems monitor your site's performance and uptime, and alert us if there's a problem
Yes Yes

Akismet spam detection

Akismet protection is included in GovPress, with no extra costs or procurement hassle
Yes Yes

Multisite support

GovPress supports WordPress Multisite, so you can create as many subsites as you need
Yes Yes

No vendor lock-in

If you decide to move on from GovPress, we'll provide you with everything you need for a smooth transition
Yes Yes

Anti-virus protection

Our anti-virus measures monitor uploaded files for viruses, and take action when they're found
No Yes

Two-factor authentication

On request, you can secure your user accounts with two-factor authentication, using TOTP
No Yes

Security event monitoring

We don't just rely on automated systems to monitor what's going on: our staff review and triage all monitored events, responding when necessary to keep you safe
Time permitting Prioritised

Multi-region redundancy

Get extra protection from service disruption by between separate geographical locations
No Additional fees apply

From £850 per month

Enquire about this service

From £1,250 per month

Enquire about this service

NB: Government's protective marking scheme no longer lays out fixed criteria for mapping information risk to protective marks. A given project needs to make its own assessment of appropriate security measures. We have chosen feature sets in GovPress that are appropriate for the majority of our customers.