GovPress comes with first class support

As a fully managed service, our responsibility doesn’t stop at the operating system. We maintain the whole of your WordPress stack, from the machine up, so you can ask us for help with almost anything. You can ask for assistance with pretty much any problem you come across, from a bug on the system to help using the WordPress administration interface. You can also tailor a support contract that includes extra services, like training, comment moderation, web analytics, or development work. Or, you can pay for those services as you need them.

I’m a GovPress customer. How do I get support?

The fastest way to get support is by submitting a ticket using the support helpdesk. If you are not sure what your login details are, you can set up a new one.

If you request a new password but never receive an email with your reset link, it is likely that you are not set up as a contact in our support system. In order to prevent unauthorised requests from being submitted, we restrict access to authorised contacts only. To become an authorised contact you will need to ask the owner of your project to submit a ticket requesting that you be added. If you don’t know who this person is, or if all authorised contacts have left your organisation, please contact us for assistance.

If you are an authorised contact and would like more information about adding new contacts, there’s a page explaining more in the Help Centre.